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How is it possible ?

Why would I need OHDA ?

There are lots of services out there promising something similar, yet isolated solutions. OHDA is the only integrated platform of healthcare data management and communication.

What exactly businesses get ?

We service all players of the healthcare space


Healthcare administrators

Medical centers of excellence


Medical tourism mediators

Insurance providers

Multinational companies

Clinical trial organizers

Retail vendors

Wholesale vendors

Solutions for featured business lines

Clinical trial management platform

The industry's most professional and effective platform.
Manage human and technical resources of your trials in a single application geared with real-time project management tools and dash-boards.

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies

Clinical Research Organizers
Site Management Organizations

Doctors, PIs


Seamless, paperless, cashless

Medical travel

Great treatment opportunity for all

A savior if done correctly but also a huge challenge for patients and mediators.

OHDA is servicing Medical Travel Mediators, patients and provider medical institutions on one integrated platform. Constant monitoring and professional medical information exchange ensures smooth processes, satisfied clients and more business.

Learn the OHDA way

From patient referral to the patient's safe physical return. From Medical Tourism investment to financial return. One single system helps you manage one patient's case in less than half an hour altogether.

Dengue Surveillance System

Stop epidemics