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Who is this site good for ?

For yourself and for all your healthcare providers.
Healthy individuals, patients, doctors and, literally, all sorts of medical businesses are serviced here with information and tools they have long been waiting for.

Explore how 50+ years of combined company level healthcare management expertise can let you easily access the best healthcare services.

Why would I need OHDA ?

There are lots of services out there promising something similar. They are standalone medical apps, each offering some sort of help to users. Compared to them OHDA is THE comprehensive professional platform of healthcare. OHDA is offering integrated services for patients as well as general users by providing effective tools and definite answers to their problems.

From general lab results to severe cases you can manage your family's health matters through OHDA.

Looking for free services ?

If you have reservations with currently available services then you might need a dedicated professional healthcare management platform.

this is your life after all

Your instant medical help

Find doctors worldwide

Wherever you are and whatever your problem may be, we connect you to the best medical providers.

Building the world's largest healthcare provider data repository

Constantly growing listing of medical professionals
Credentials, patient feedback, trusted services added daily

Smart-search for healthcare providers

Narrow down your search for doctors even by spoken languages, religion or gender

Foreign treatment may be the best care for you

Shop for the best foreign medical services waiting for you right away.

Medical travel

Pre-approved insurance and reimbursement

Get your insurance approve your claim in advance. Think about it. Prior to leaving for your foreign treatment you may already have your foreign treatment costs approved and covered by your home insurance. All worries are dismissed even before departure.

Present your case online

Safely share your most complex diagnostic files with your foreign treatment center. Therefore, there doctors will know exactly how to prepare for your case.

Turn your treatment into pleasure

Book all support services for your family while on your treatment trip: accomodation, insurance, translation, transfers and other programs.

Your medical second opinion is ready

Before accepting a treatment suggestion you can secure independent professional opinions.

Never hurts to get a second opinion

Your health deserves the most acurate consultation. Contact doctors of different disciplines now in order to receive comprehensive information on your case.

Limited access to good doctors ?

There may be great physicians in your country but the best ones are costly and overbooked. Do not let your own health be limited by home options only. Connect with foreign medical professionals from countries with higher physician-expert output.

Find latest treatment options for yourself

Thousands of new drugs and treatment methodologies are tested each year so search for and join the right medical trial.
Warning: Enroll into a clinical trial only with your physician's consent !

From browsing to completed trials

Constantly growing database

Patients are selected from here

Prescreening candidates

Secure your own expat protection globally

Salary... check, housing... check, kids... finally enrolled in school and the spouse is getting around.
Wait! Is my health insurance including home doctor consultation ?

Expat protection

Multinational Companies
MNC umbrella

Let your company provide medical quality assurance for your case through OHDA while you are being treated abroad. Early back to work with no complications is everyone's best interest.

Make an appointment online now

Why waste your time hanging on the phone waiting for someone take your call ?

Hassle free. Doctors love it

It is there when you need it. Book your appointment right into your doctor's calendar

Superior booking

Early case presentation

Your case is previewed and preventing measures were taken

Avoid spending unforseen time and money on your medical visits. OHDA enables your doctor to prepare for your case and render further examinations if necessary. Your effort is optimized.

Manage your own appointments

Wether the booking was made by yourself or your doctor OHDA gives you the liberty to change it to another available time slot and your doctor will instantly be informed about the changes.

Store your family's medical files securely

Your family is the most important to you

I need my own files now. Blue button

Unrestricted and always on for you

Unlike your hospital files which are locked away from you, OHDA grants you 24/7 access to your own medical records. Your medical information is guarded in the highest security and greatest comfort for you.


Highest level TLS security, 2048 bit encryption, HIPAA enabled, DICOM format anonymized files are the strongest protection you can currently get. No worries of your medical identity ever being harmed.

Unlimited storage

No, we shall never run out of storage space, nor your medical files will get flooded in a hospital basement achive.

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